Chairperson of (PMGH) Clinical Nursing Symposium Organising Committee Malinda Darius and PMGH Deputy Director of Nursing Services Victor Vetari receive financial support from BSP Life PNG Country Manager Nilson Singh and BSP Group Chief Financial Officer Ronesh Dayal.

BSP Life supports PMGH Nurses Symposium

by | Sep 1, 2023

BSP takes the aspect of community at heart and is pleased to be supporting nurses across PNG bridge that gap between rural and urban nursing practices through a nursing symposium scheduled this month (September).

BSP Life PNG Limited (BSP Life) Country Manager Nilson Singh announced BSP Life’s support of K15,000 for the second Port Moresby General Hospital organised ‘Clinical Nursing Symposium’.  He said BSP Life is pleased to come onboard as a silver sponsor for the event that would provide an avenue for nurses to discuss realistic recommendations to address the gap between rural and urban nursing practices.

“A lot of young people are passing away from lifestyle choices. Most of the claims we pay are for ages between 40 to 55 years old where cause of death is due to Cardiac related issues, Cancer and Diabetes. This is quite alarming. Through our support, we strongly believe it will significantly improve nursing practices and lead to saving more lives through the knowledge shared amongst nurses at this symposium. We want our policyholders to live longer, so they can benefit from our savings life insurance product – the Wantok Delite Product,” Mr. Singh added.

The Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) second Clinical Nursing Symposium would see close to 400 nurses around the country meet in Port Moresby from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th September, 2023.

BSP Group Chief Financial Officer Ronesh Dayal said while BSP’s support maybe small compared to the role nurses play in the health sector in providing patient care, BSP’s Core Values of People and Community align with the work nurses do.

“We take the community aspects of our work very seriously. So far we have spent around K3 million this year on our community projects. BSP Community Projects focus on areas of education, health and our communities. The nurses at Port Moresby General Hospital and their patients at the Maternity Ward were recipients of our Community Project last year where we refurbished two ablution blocks, added Mr. Dayal.

Chairperson of PMGH Clinical Nursing Symposium Organising Committee Malinda Darius said they are grateful of BSP Life’s support towards this year’s Symposium. 

“The donation will help improve our nursing practice per our theme. It’s one of the steps that we can take forward to improve the standard of nursing practice in PNG,” she added.

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